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Here are the sixteen visible and surviving White Horse Hill figures of the British Isles. Photographed over four years and throughout the seasons, these images are as they appeared to me on the days that I was lucky enough to visit them.

The equipment used was simple and constant. A 28mm fixed lens panoramic film camera with a sturdy tripod, black & white film, paper and a darkroom. The resulting uncropped images have a 110 degree field of view. The same as the human eye. Everything to be seen and nothing to hide.

White horses are best viewed from afar. In fact the closer you get the less magic they hold. They tend to make unexpected appearances even when you know their whereabouts. People always point them out to fellow travellers as if the horses may no longer be there the next time they pass.

Some have been with us for centuries, some for just a few years and others lost completely. This permanence and transience appeal to me. One day they are visible for miles and the next gone, lost in our weather as if they have somewhere better to be.

Tim Barker, 2017